>The coolest snow man LOL


The Real Snow man

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>Guy crashes Paris Hilton’s birthday party and Stole the whole cake


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Hollywood musician and Facebook troll Paz shares with us how he went to Paris Hilton’s 20th birthday and stole a $2,000 cake.

Story – here

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>Google Suggests fail of the day : Funniest pictures!



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>Firefox 4 , Simple With New Views



Mozilla Firefox browser has now reached episode 4. Although still in beta stage, but the new look is worth the fox fire attempted.
New Display A More Simple

In this browser war, it appears that Firefox tries to make
browser display becomes much simpler. For simple measures, the current
Google Chrome is probably the winner.

Unlike version 3.6,
Firefox 4 has a shape similar to the Chrome tabs. The difference is, the tab
Firefox’s looks transparent. As for the menu button,
a glimpse of the Opera browser is similar to 10.6. With this new look
page Firefox feels more relieved. Moreover, if users take advantage of persona

New things that might make users less
confusion is the display menu which now adjourn. Users can not
again find a row of the menu at the top. Instead,
Firefox 4 comes with an orange menu labeled Firefox.
When clicked, a menu appears beneath it such as: news windows, options,
history and so forth.

Firefox also has a column 4
new bookmarks which are located on the right side column of search. This menu gives
convenience to the user when trying to make a bookmark with
one click only.

Add-On New All integrated
With the Browser

Firefox 4 now has an add-on manager
are integrated with the browser. When a user clicks on the add-on,
view directed to a new browser tab. Hmmm .. a little
familiar yes? Looks like Firefox back to ‘cheat’ model extensions
similar to Google’s Chrome.

In a statement, Mozilla
said that the appearance of the add-on manager can still be changed before
the final version of Firefox 4 arrived.

Speed and Performance Si
Fox Fire

With all the features diusungnya, Firefox 4
generally lighter than Firefox 3.6. Maybe Mozilla
fix memory allocation is used, because during this Firefox
is known to have a heavy memory load. Perhaps for this reason
people on fire fox that move a lot.

In terms of speed
rendering JavaScript , Firefox 4 only reaches the value 97/100
when tested with Acid3 . Well, it was slightly better than
version 3.6 of its value is only 94/100.

Based on benchmark tests
by techiebuzz, 6.0.4531 Google Chrome still has the best performance
quickly with a value of 4737. The second position with 10.60 followed by Opera
3959 value. While Firefox 4 beta 1 itself is located in the top three
with a value of 2684. Guess how much the software giant’s browser
Microsoft? Apparently Internet Explorer 8.0 only scored 436.

For HTML5 own performance, it seems this browser does not meet
problem. When tested detikINET using the site http://hakim.se/experiments/ ,
some test various types of canvas went pretty smooth and
not broken. Similarly, the completeness of CSS3. All existing
in Firefox 4 beta 1 was.


Currently, Firefox is the second best-selling Internet browser
Microsoft’s Explorer. Mozilla says Firefox is now
supply is considered still too complicated.

They want to make
the menus in Firefox made simpler so it is expected to
make it easier for users when access and can improve
browsing speed. All that has now manifested in a browser
Firefox version 4 beta 1. Unfortunately there are still some bugs
in this version, such as buttons minimize or Firefox on the menu
the top left that is not functioning properly.

Mozilla Party
itself is still receiving feedback from users, related
New features of Firefox 4. If you are interested in trying new flavors of the
This fire fox, please download link
following .

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>Good news: The Dell Venue Pro is here in only a week, and for just $99


Good news: The Dell Venue Pro is here in only a week, and for just $99

Yesterday we brought you a report that Dell was going to release the Venue Pro in two weeks for $149.99. We were pretty confident in those numbers as they were coming straight from Dell’s website.
We were wrong, or Dell was wrong, depending on how you look at it. Dell revamped the Venue Pro website this morning and emailed everyone on the wait list to let them know two things: the Venue Pro for T-Mobile is coming in a week, and that the 8 GB version will only run you $99 with a two-year contract.
The 16 GB version will cost $149.99, in line with our post from yesterday. The estimated ship date is the 9th, a full 5 days sooner than we anticipated.
For the curious, Dell pitches the Venue Pro in the following fashion: “With Office Mobile built in, operate on-the-go as seamlessly as you would at the office.” The Venue Pro is out for order, are you going to pick one up?
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>RIP Justin Bieber (1994-2010)


RIP Justin Bieber (1994-2010)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Operation Justin's death
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